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Cells and body's lingering pain

Wetzel Chiropractic offers Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy an effective way to allow healing in the body and improve physical performance.

Our innovative diagnostics include ultrasound, complete x-ray facility, therapeutic pillows, custom made orthotics, exercises nutritional advice and disability evaluations.

Acute and chronic injuries are linked to damaged cells. When cells are weak and inactive it lacks the proper energy to heal. As a result, pain may linger and healing is slowed.

Promotes oxygen flow

Painful joints and muscles are commonly associated with poor blood circulation. An injured area of the body has less oxygen and nutrients that prevents fast healing. Scientific studies have shown that when a pulsed electromagnetic field is applied, it allows the oxygen and nutrients to reach the painful and injured parts thus promoting healing.

Injurie, medication, the food that we eat and environment can saturate our bodies with unwanted impurities. Sans the proper detoxification our body remains in a state of toxicity that prevents us from achieving optimal physical performance.

Energizing the cells

To effectively function, our body cell needs energy. Our energy is produced as ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) inside the mitochondria. When someone gets sick or injured and have an acute chronic pain, mitochondria do not produce as much ATP that the body needed. The cells needed enough energy (ATP) to function, the lack of energy results to chronic pain. With the use of pulsed electromagnetic field, it can increase ATP production of up to 500 percent.


Scientific research has shown that when pulsed electromagnetic field is applied to sick or damaged areas, the cells membrane becomes softer and more permeable, this allows toxins to vacate and simultaneously permitting crucial nutrients to enter the cell promoting  overall health.


User Shaquille O’Neal - Neck, back, hip and knee pain have responded amazingly well to the PER 2000.  AVOID SURGERY!


User Jake Arrieta - Patients with difficult conditions like rotator cuff syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome have reported less pain and more energy using the PER 2000.  GIVE YOUR BODY THE BOOST OF ENERGY IT NEEDS!


User Julio Jones - Research shows the PER 2000 can heal fractures 33-50% faster.  GET BACK IN THE GAME SOONER!



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